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Are Dentures The Right Decision For You?

When patients need replacement teeth, full or partial dentures may provide the perfect solution. The issue of discomfort is a main concern for most patients, but dental technology continues to improve along with the materials available. Today, dentures fit better, look better and offer our patients numerous benefits.

Patients feel younger, look younger and avoid the appearance of sunken cheeks due to missing teeth. With a new set of teeth, our patients enjoy less dietary restrictions and improve their ability to bite and chew.

Full Vs. Partial

Dentures can be either full or partial. Full ones are required when all teeth from the top or bottom of your gums are missing. Partials, on the other hand, can be used when some of your original teeth remain.

Partials come in two varieties: fixed and removable. The type selected is generally based on the health and condition of the remaining teeth.

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