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How Mouthguards Provide Protection—On And Off The Field

What’s all the fuss about having mouthguards specially made? Why not just use the ones sold at your local sporting goods retailer? Consider this: The cost of replacing a tooth is in the ballpark of $20,000.

Parents want the best in helmet and equipment protection for their kids playing contact sports. A mouthguard is no different. When it fits properly and is custom made for your player, it provides an additional layer of security.

Talk to our team to find out more about how a custom-fit one is essential to protecting your kid’s teeth when playing a contact sport.

Additional Benefits Beyond Sports

Mouthguards aren’t just for contact sports. If you or your children grind their teeth at night, it might be necessary as well. Cracking, breaking, as well as wear and tear can occur over time with teeth grinding. Mouthguards can offer the defense you need against long-term damage to your teeth.

Talk with us today and learn more about how a mouthguard may safeguard your jaw and teeth health.

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