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Why Preventative Dental Care Truly Matters

Preventative dental care is by far one of the easiest and best things you can do to maintain a healthy smile. Want to prevent expensive dental procedures? Practice good oral hygiene habits every day and visit us every six months. When we partner with you on your oral hygiene, everyone benefits.

What To Expect During A Routine Visit

Routine visits help us diagnose and prevent tooth decay. Here’s what you can expect during your appointment. Our team will:

  • Remove plaque and tarter from your teeth.
  • Polish those pearly whites.
  • Floss between your teeth.
  • Recommend any tips needed to improve home care.

Comprehensive Exam Highlights

Once you’ve received treatment, we will perform a comprehensive exam. During which we:

  • Review the overall health of your mouth
  • Examine your tongue and throat
  • Inspect surrounding areas including your neck, lymph nodes, face and jaw for anything out of the ordinary
  • Keep a watchful eye on issues with plaque and tarter
  • Check for damaged or loose fillings

When we work together on your preventative dental care, we can maintain your healthy smile longer.

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