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Sedation Options Ease Patients’ Anxiety

Beck Dental Center offers intravenous (IV) as well as nitrous oxide sedation for our patients. Dental procedures can cause anxiety for some patients, and different levels of sedation may be used depending on the process. We are able to reduce patients’ anxiety while increasing their level of comfort for dental procedures.

It is necessary to review your medical history and current medications prior to any administration of sedation. Dr. Beck will advise you on the various options available to you to make your visit and dental procedure as comfortable as possible. We welcome any and all questions and/or concerns, so please feel free to talk with us.

IV Sedation Vs. Nitrous Oxide

IV Sedation

  • Is delivered into the bloodstream
  • Takes effect immediately
  • Feels as though you slept through the procedure
  • Usually administered for shorter dental procedures

Nitrous Oxide or “Laughing Gas”

  • Is delivered through a nose hood
  • Provides patients with a sense of well-being
  • Reduces pain during procedure
  • Relieves anxiety for patients

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